Basic Power is a Power Quality Solutions company that provides ASHRAE Level 1-3 Energy Survey & Analysis Audits to identify electrical issues and potential energy savings.

TruWatts is a comprehensive power quality and energy optimization technology that enhances the efficiency of the electrical power in your building, reduces active power consumption, protects valuable equipment from utility voltage irregularities and distortions, and improves equipment performance – resulting in reduced maintenance costs.

With TruWatts installed, your facility can realize reduced equipment service life costs and will assist you with achieving green building objectives.

The TruWatts technology is based on an electromagnetic reactor with EMI filtration and integrated energy storage. TruWatts consistently reduces kWh consumption and kW demand helping you to reduce your electric bills and carbon footprint.

Attractive ROI

The multiple improvements to the quality of electrical power flowing through your building’s electrical system, achieved by TruWatts, increases the efficiency of the active power within the building so that electrical equipment within the facility draws less power through the utility meter.

Savings vary depending on your existing power factor, utility penalties, operational amperage, kW demand and KVA billing. An Electrical Engineer will conduct a full site survey to provide you with a written proposal.

We conduct a IPMVP compliant Measurement & Verification (M&V) test at installation to confirm your savings potential.

TruWatts is a Registered Trademark of Basic Power, Inc., a UL508A Certified Panel Shop and energy technology manufacturer based in Baltimore, Maryland.


Gene Ostendorf

Gene Ostendorf
President & CEO

For over three decades, Gene’s leadership has steered custom technical solutions for business to improve efficiency.

Gene’s mission remains consistent: technology helps businesses to be more profitable by lowering their energy, operational, and maintenance costs in addition to helping facilities obtain their energy conservation and sustainability goals.

As a recognized industry expert, Gene is a frequent speaker on automation technology, cashless payments and telemetry systems, and control board technology. Gene earned a BS degree in Physics and an MBA from Loyola University in Maryland. He resides in suburban Maryland with his wife and daughter.

Stephen Washington

Stephen Washington
Vice President

Stephen has been providing strategic solutions to business and governments for more than 30 years. He is a passionate futurist and believes in technology’s role in helping address the significant issues that face us in the 21st Century.

Stephen provides industrial design guidance, internal and external ECM data validation and engineering co-ordination for strategic product development of the TruWatts line.

Prior to entering the renewable energy and energy efficiency sector, Stephen provided insight and guidance to the public sector and helped craft renewable energy legislation in Pennsylvania in his role as Chief of Staff for the 189th Legislative District.

Engineering Team

Yesha Baxi EE
Jerry Hinshaw EE
Robert Amerine EE

Daniel E Andrade Torres
Lead Electrical Engineer

Energy Conservation is the Foundation of Energy Independence.


TruWatts allows you to use what you pay for and only for what you use. Higher power quality means energy savings.

Sag & Surge Mitigation


Surges arising from the utility supplied power, or originating within your facility, can damage or destroy sensitive electronic equipment. The TruWatts Voltage Surge Suppression module suppresses large transient voltage surges and directs them to ground before they can compromise your electrical equipment and electronic devices. The power spikes from smaller surges are intercepted and stored. If the utility voltage drops, TruWatts will compensate for the transient sag by releasing additional power to your building.

Phase Balancing


TruWatts is able to balance phases through the action of the shared magnetic fields within the electro-magnetic reactor and star-point configuration of its circuitry. TruWatts® realigns all phases to increase the performance of your electrical power.

In Single-Phasing events, TruWatts provides phase synthesis for the lost phase to assist with emergency shut down procedures and equipment safety and survivability.

Harmonic Filtering


The TruWatts reactor, and coupled filtration systems, mitigates harmonics created by switching power supplies and other non-linear loads, and returns the AC waveform to the fundamental, storing this power and releasing it back to your electrical load to improve the efficiency and power of your supply.

Harmonic distortions will cause components to heat up, and ultimately fail, in addition to lowering the efficiency of your power factor when they exceed nominal levels and can cause unscheduled equipment switch-offs. Harmonics cause increased energy to be consumed through the utility meter driving up your electricity bills.

Charging Systems


TruWatts has been designed to complement both EV charging and Building Integrated PV Solar systems by supplying surge suppression to protect your investments and by mitigating the harmonics produced by the system inverters. TruWatts corrects any distortions to the waveform and increases the efficiency of your electrical power, protects electronic components from harmonic heat induced stress and optimizes the amount of energy that can be net-metered back to the utility.

Simple Installation


TruWatts is installed in parallel to your electrical system utilizing a branch circuit breaker at the Main Distribution Panel, sub-panel or fused disconnect switch and provides power quality and energy optimization benefits for the entire transformer load. TruWatts can be floor or wall mounted.

Attractive ROI


Basic Power, Inc. designs and manufactures several models of our patented TruWatts technology for use with 480V, 208V and 120/240V applications. Investment paybacks fall between 24 and 36 months depending on your utility rate and operational energy profile.

To produce a proposal for your facility, Basic Power, Inc. requires an electric bill for each meter showing kWh and kW and all associated charges plus an electrical line drawing of the facility showing the location and size of transformers and associated loads.


We believe our transformational technology will make electricity more efficient, improve performance and lifespan of equipment, as it delivers a return on investment and energy conservation.

Our Commitment